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New Spa Launch: The Jelly Pedicure

08 Aug

The Nail Bar just launched the brand new Jelly Pedicure – a fun addition to our list of quirky treatments.

The exclusive treatment involves turning ordinary water into fluffy jelly right before your eyes, giving you a pedicure experience like no other. The classic pedicure is turned on its head as you become part of a playful science experiment with water miraculously turning to jelly around your feet. The Jelly Pedicure, which will leave your feet feeling super soft, is priced at £60 for 55 minutes.

The process begins with a soothing clear water soak. The nail technician then gradually adds the magic powder, which after a few minutes, transforms the water into a jelly-like substance. This complex process allows guests to enjoy a sublimely soothing experience, as a thorough soak and leg massage in a tub full of jelly naturally exfoliates and hydrates dry and tired skin.

Did you know that when H2O is turned to jelly it retains its temperature four times longer than water? Giving you not only double, but quadruple the benefits!

The treatment will then continue to defy science, as the jelly transforms back to crystal clear, normal water. The fascinating experience is finished with the nail polish of your choice.

This holistic treatment leaves feet feeling fully hydrated, velvety soft and perfectly polished for weeks. 

To book this treatment or for more info, please contact us on or +44 (0)20 8008 6600.