Glam Rock Afternoon Tea

Glam Rock Afternoon Tea

Come enjoy our Glam Rock Afternoon Tea and spend some quality time in our modern Studio Kitchen.

At K West the traditional Afternoon Tea has been given a glam-rock makeover at K West and guests can even swap traditional hot drinks for tea-infused cocktails. The Glam Rock Afternoon Tea pays tribute to our music heritage in a playful, fun and stylish way. It is served on vintage record covers, with electric blue and pink teapots and teacups.

You will be able to indulge in a selection of delicious mini-tarts and organic pinwheel sandwiches. Alos included are our fresh wild berry ‘rolling scones’ with clotted cream & homemade jams, as well as a selection of delectable cakes to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Options available include:

  • Glam Rock Afternoon Tea £24.50 per person
  • Glam Rock Prosecco Afternoon Tea £31.50 per person
  • Rock 'n' Cocktails Tea £36.50 per person

To book please email or call us on 020 8008 6631