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K West Launches Spin Classes

30 Jan

Starting out in self-defence can be a little overwhelming, but there’s no reason for you to be nervous before your first self –defence class, we ensure that the classes are small, so you get the attention you deserve.

We've just launched Self Defense classes ​​​​​, every Thursday at 6pm, our trained instructor Vida will coach you through all the necessary techniques needed to keep safe.  We're rounded up some quieres you may have to make you feel more comfortable.  

Does Self Defense Work?

Self defense does not necessarily mean physically beating your attacker, it means keeping yourself safe when threatened. Sometimes that might mean physically taking on your attacker but it can also mean being strategic about how you deal with them.

Are Self Defense Classes Worth It?

Some people instinctively fight back while others are good at staying out of danger. A lot of us freeze up when we’re scared. All of us could defend ourselves better.

No matter how you react to danger, you are sure to react better if you deliberately train yourself for such situations. Self defense classes are a tried and tested way of doing that.

It’s definitely worthwhile getting professional instruction in self defense. There are so many details and tricks that you could never pick up without guidance.

Should You Attend Self Defense Classes?

Even a short self defense session will introduce you to the mindset you need to reduce your chances of becoming a victim. It will also demonstrate some simple techniques that can be used to defend yourself physically, but without further practice, they might be hard to use in an emergency.

At worst you could look at it as a type of insurance. Thankfully, most people find attending our self defense classes a lot more enjoyable than paying their insurance bills!

All classes are free for members, and for non-members the classes are £10. 

See our class timetable here.