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The Queens of K West

08 Mar

 ‘Hospitality through a Female’s Eye’

 To celebrate International Woman’s Day, we’re exploring ‘Hospitality through a Female’s Eye’ with some of our Leadership Team, The Queens of K West.

Meet some of the Queens of K West

Sarah Ahmed, Director of Sales and Marketing | Vladanka Manceva, Hotel Manager | Romina Vedova, HR Manager | Ana Andrade, Executive Housekeeper | Martina Curlejova, F&B Manager

What have you done to drive change?

Sarah Ahmed: I’ve really done my best to try and support working mothers by allowing flexible working and ensuring I’m understanding when either their children are sick or if their child care arrangements let them down.  I want my team with children to know that they have absolutely every opportunity of a career.

What have been your main challenges?

Vladanka Manceva: Navigating motherhood and balancing a career, the road to progress can feel like two steps forward, one step back,. I don't think I have found the formula but, the most important thing is to never give up and keep going.

Who is your female inspiration?

Sarah Ahmed:Sally Beck.  She’s an amazing leader to all of us at Royal Lancaster, yet it is truly evident that she is a fabulous mother of two girls and devoted wife.  She manages to get (most of the time!) a good work life balance whilst somehow managing to run a large hotel with true passion and care and having great family time too!

What advice would you give to young women trying to get into hospitality?

Vladanka: Choose a job you love, You have to have passion and genuine interest in people, if you are not passionate you won’t last In hospitality. It’s all about experiencing emotions, feelings and enthusiasm in doing something that you love,,, so it does not feel like work anymore.

You have to keep moving – not moving jobs, but moving up!

What do you think you’ve done to address issues such as the gender pay gap?

Romina Vedova: We’ve always believed there hasn’t been a gender pay gap within K West, and especially proud of the fact that our leadership team is mainly women, and they are the Queens that drive the change.

How important is it to be flexible in hospitality?

Martina Curlejova: The hospitality world is the perfect example of this, where technology, ideas and theories are continually evolving. Stay flexible, stay positive in your attitude and action. Prioritize people, your teams, guests over processes.

How do you keep composure in a high pressured environment?

Ana Andrade: Keep calm, and remember I have to be strong for all of my hardworking team. It’s all about solutions!

As a woman have there been any specific challenges you’ve had to overcome in your career?

Vlandanka Manceva: There is not enough of female mentors out there- there is not many women who will reach behind to lift another woman up! There is that feeling of loneliness so it’s very important to make the best choice for ourselves and being true to who we are, is the path to success!

What advice would you give to young women trying to get into hospitality?

Martina Curlejova: Believe you can and you are halfway there.

Happy International Queen's Day!!